The Community Action Center Mission:
Moving people & communities to a positive future
throughout Whitman County...


Our goal is to empower the people and communities of Whitman County to be self-sustaining by...
Promoting the stability & self-reliance of people with low to moderate income
Promoting cooperation between local communities to enhance social and economic resource development
Who We Are...
Since 1988 Community Action Center (CAC) has been a primary resource for the more than 14,000 people living in poverty in Whitman County. As a private, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we offer the following services:

• Emergency Housing & Services
• Transitional Housing
• Housing Development & Self-help Home Purchase
• Ongoing Rental Assistance *Waiting list is open and accepting applications! Go to Rental Vouchers to apply.
• Community Food Bank & Gardens ***See April Bowl-a-Thon event below!***
• Energy Assistance
• Home Weatherization

Whitman County Community Action Center invests in the people and communities of Whitman County to reduce poverty, build strong independent families, and a better local community.

To learn more about the challenges & resources in Whitman County, please download the 2015 Whitman County Needs Assessment Report.


Community Food Bank HOURS:
Wednesdays 11 AM to 1 PM & Thursdays 3 PM to 6 PM

Support your Food Bank Gardens!
2016 Bowling for Health
Healthy Food, Healthy Families Fundraiser for the Food Bank Gardens
April 23rd, 6:45-8:30 PM at Zeppoz, click here to Learn More!

Or Donate Today!
You can help provide fresh food choices to our Whitman County community members by supporting the Food Bank Garden's Healthy Food, Healthy Families on the Donate button below to give a gift today! Or go here to find out more.